29 May 2013 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai
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How about watching the sunset on The Palm Jumeirah while in Dubai?

Who doesn’t love a sunset? Is there anything more relaxing than watching the sun sink over the horizon as rich and vibrant colors fill the sky?. Sunsets are romantic, inspiring, and relaxing.

In Dubai you can see sunsets in the desert, from the top floors of the world’s highest buildings, from the open terraces of some the city’s best restaurants, and of course from the beach.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: the West Crescent of Palm Jumeirah is one of the best spots in Dubai to see the soft pastel rays of the sun glimmer on the sea before while it sets on the curved horizon of the Arabian Gulf. Each day ends with its own unique sunset as an array of colours fill the sky, the water glistens in the sun’s rays, silhouetting sailboats or cruise ships as they glide by. 

Watch this Dubai Palm Jumeirah Sunset video below made by our enthusiastic team members who usually enjoy the after work sunset hours.

Dubai Sunsets on Palm Jumeirah

This moment is also accompanied by a chorus of waves as they hit the breakwater.

Head over to Palm Jumeirah and check it out. Public parking spots are available all along the Crescent Road. Just remember to pay attention to the signs and do not jump over the wall towards the sea as sometimes the waves are quite strong and dangerous.

Dubai Sunsets on Palm Jumeirah

Don’t forget to check the weather conditions and daily sunset timings in Dubai before driving out; we don’t want you to miss the moment.

Dubai Sunsets on Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Sunsets on Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Sunsets on Palm Jumeirah

After you bask in the glow of the setting sun, why don’t you enjoy a nice dinner or drinks at one of the great restaurants on the island. We’d be happy to welcome you at Brunello Restaurant or K-West Bar in the hotel.

Tell us about one of your most memorable sunsets.

29 May 2013

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