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How to host a dinner party for your friends

It's summer and the best thing to bring people together is food! Even though eating out in Dubai can be fun, cooking for friends and family can be fun and great way to break up your social routine.

Whether you are hosting an elegant dinner party, a casual backyard BBQ, or a festive Ramadan iftar, smart planning and prepartion can help eliminate stress and lets you focus on the great company and memorable moments you will create. Chef Matthew Bilinski, the Chef de Cuisine at Kempinski Hotel & Residences on Palm Jumeirah knows a thing or two about pulling a meal together for a group of people. Here are a few tips from him on how to be a successful, and hoppefully stress-free host:

Quantity: Try as much as possible to get people to RSVP and then plan accordingly. Running out of food and beverages is the fastest way to end a party on a bad note.

Variety: Offer a variety of options to cater to everyone's preferences. Each dish should be enough to serve approximately 30% percent of your guests. People tend to like to sample a little bit of everything.

Presentation: Get some fancy dishes, colorful napkins, and some unique, conversation-starting decorative pieces to spruce up the look of your table.

Dinner food variety

Experience: now is not the time to try out that complicated souffle recipe that you found in Gourmet magazine. Prepare dishes that you know how to make and that you know people will enjoy. Simple and delicious will always win out over complicated and confusing.

Ambience: Make sure you have a good crowd of people who will get along well with each other and be sure to prepare a great iPod playlist, cozy lighting, and a smart seating arrangement.

Don't spend too much time in the kitchen by planning ahead and preparing as many dishes as you can in advance (even if it means buying a few items – just garnish and serve them in one of those nice dishes) It is important that you have fun!

And last but not least, don't forget about some fruits and sweets for a dessert.

Dinner dessert & fruits

Happy hosting.

Share your best hosting expereience with us in the comments below.

23 Jul 2013

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