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Passionate hoteliers with fine-dining, gourmet heritage

What does the food & wine scene in 1930s Berlin have to do with a hotel on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai 2013?

Well, everyone has roots and Kempinski, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel company, has roots that reach back to 1897 when two restaurateur brothers set up a hospitality business.

Things really took off when M. Kempinski & Co. took over the famous “Haus Vaterland” in Berlin in 1928 and established the concept of “event gastronomy” - excellent wine, delicious food and groovy music made it the place-to-be.

Kempinski Haus Vaterland

A century later Kempinski is once again focusing its business philosophy on being a “food-driven” company by returning to its roots and concentrating on the original meaning of “hosting and hospitality”, i.e. the warm welcome, nurturing and treatment of guests, which naturally revolves around memorable meals.

These roots run deep. In fact, 80% percent of Kempinski General Managers and senior management, including our CEO and COO, have a background in food & beverage departments. Those same guys with stylish pochettes complementing their tailored suits, a quintessential Kempinski management look, started off as cook-apprentices in hotel kitchens or waiters in restaurants, and brought their passion for food with them to the top.

For guests staying in our hotel or for those of you living or visiting Dubai, our Brunello Restaurant serves Mediterranean and European cuisine. Our chefs' signature dishes like butter poached lobster, grilled codfish, tortellini with spinach, ricotta and black truffle has even our most carb-conscious customers asking for a second helping.

Grilled Codfish - Brunello Kempinski The Palm

Beef Fillet with Roasted Potatoes - Brunello

This passion for good food and drink is certainly not unique to Kempinski. In addition to Brunello Restaurant in Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah, there are plenty of great restaurants on the Palm Jumeirah run by people who share our passion for food. We like Nobu at Atlantis and West 14th at Oceana.

Do you know your roots? What passions drive you?

19 Jun 2013

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  • Spencer | 21/07/2013 11:14am (2 years ago)

    Looks like amazing food! The hotel's reputation for quality gastronomy must be sky high.

  • Lulu | 19/06/2013 3:52pm (2 years ago)

    My heritage is the Wild West in the USA so I have cowgirl blood. It means that I love big blue skies, seeing the stars at night, and the smell of campfires. But unlike my ancestors, I like to sleep in 5-star hotels and eat in chic restaurants. Your beach BBQ is the answer to that.

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