15 Aug 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah
2 Bedroom Suites KempinskiPalm

How many hotel rooms does your family need? Perhaps, just one suite.

Travelling to Dubai with the whole family including chidren or a group of friends and tireleslly searching for connecting or adjacent hotel rooms? Well look no further and let us take you through a closer look at our Ocean 2 Bedroom Suite and The Palm 2 Bedroom Suite.

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1 Aug 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah
relax a day at KempinskiPalm hotel dubai

Here is what you should do on your day off in Dubai. At least once...

Are you ever stuck scratching your head, trying to figure out how to spend your day off in Dubai? Well, just for you, we've created a no-brainer, easy, one-day itinerary to enjoy here on The Palm Jumeirah, so you don’t have to waste a minute planning when you could be out living it up!

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9 Jul 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah
Lamb Ouzi KempinskiPalm SignatureDish

"Twisted Lamb Ouzi" - as extraordinary as it can get!

Lamb is one of the most commonly consumed meats here in the Middle East, in addition to Ouzi which is a type of rice that is normally combined with meat. There are several different ways on how to cook ouzi and lamb shanks. With these two local favourite ingredients, our talented Chef de Cuisine Matthew Bilinski created the hotel's delicious signature dish – The Twisted Lamb Ouzi.

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5 Jun 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah
beach fun day KempinskiPalm

In Dubai, UAE - hoteliers know how to have fun!

“Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.” This is the saying that the Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah team try to live by! Happy employees always provide great 5 star services to our beloved guests and with that in mind hotel’s People Services Department always aims to provide the team with fun activities to participate in, allowing them to let lose, have fun and enjoy spending time with their fellow employees in a more relaxed and casual setting, boosting morale and more importantly bringing smiles to their faces.

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7 May 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah
summer is dubai 2014

The heat won't stop people from visiting Dubai this summer. Find out why!

With summer quickly approaching, have you locked down your holiday plans yet? Dubai caters to all travelers alike and during the summer even though the temperatures do soar, the city still manages to leave its guests satisfied. Especially for families, Dubai in the summer is a haven with its vast offerings and activities.

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15 Apr 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, Palm Jumeirah
Aqua Aerobics 1 Kempinski Palm Hotel Dubai

Keeping our hotel guests fit at the pool

Plannning a trip to Dubai? Do you aim to keep fit while on holiday? Like most of us, we work out to make sure we are bikini-ready for our vacations, but then when the long-awaited day finally arrives we completely ditch our routines because of that little voice inside our heads saying “oh you’re on vacation, don’t worry about it!”

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3 Apr 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai, Palm Jumeirah
souks souqs dubai

Dubai Souks - Our Top 5 List

Dubai is known for its luxury hotels, beach resorts, five-star service and not to forget its elaborate shopping malls, some of which have gone down in the record books. However, amongst the glitz and glamour, hidden behind the skyscrapers and record-breakers, are the little gems known as Souks.

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15 Jan 2014 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai
dubai pearl diving timeoutdubai

Dubai’s Pearl Diving Heritage

When you see a string of gorgeous pearls strung delicately in necklace form, do you ever wonder just where those pearls came from? Here is the inside scoop from our hotel concierge...

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24 Dec 2013 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai
Firework Illustration KempinskiPalm Dubai

Dubai attempts to break the record for the ‘World's Largest Firework Display’

If you’re in Dubai this New Year’s Eve, then it will definitely be hard to miss what is expected to be the largest firework display ever known to mankind, and guess where it will be taking place – THE PALM JUMEIRAH!

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13 Nov 2013 | @KempinskiPalm Hotel Dubai
GlobalVillaAE 1

Visit 30 countries in ONE day while in Dubai!

Immerse yourself into a cultural melting pot unlike any other, at Global Village Dubai. Many flock to Dubai for the glitz and glamour, but away from the skyscrapers and busy roads, situated on the outskirts of Dubai Land lies a destination that welcomes diversity, various cultures and traditions, infusing them into an experience you'll never forget.

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