Dubai is the UAE’s Cosmopolitan Hub of Tourism & Business, offering an Exceptional Blend of a Modern Evolving City & Timeless Desert. To plan your visits, call +971 4 341 0000 or email

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    The drive is as fascinating as the destination itself, taking the visitor through burnished sand dunes & mountains varied in colour.

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    Discover......The Gold Souq

    Deira is home to a number of "souqs" or "souks" (traditional Arab markets) including the Covered Souk, the Gold Souk & the Spice Souk.

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    Discover......Jumeirah Mosque

    The beautiful Jumeirah Mosque is a spectacular example of modern Islamic architecture & is one of the most photographed sights of Dubai.

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    Discover......The Bastakiya Quarter

    The Bastakiya Quarter in Bur Dubai is one of the most picturesque heritage sites, featuring the traditional "wind towers".

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    Discover.......Desert Safari

    No visit of Dubai would be complete without a trip into the desert. Try the fun-filled dune-bashing and sand-skiing in Dubai's desert!

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    Discover……Camel Race

    The Camel race is certainly one of the most memorable and unique cultural highlight of your visit to Dubai and the UAE. A must-do!

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