Discover Dubai

Dubai is the UAE’s cosmopolitan hub of tourism and business, offering an exceptional blend of modern city life with timeless desert culture and traditions. Discover the soaring skyscrapers of a young, thriving city, or visit the bustling souks of gold, spices and traditional crafts steeped in history.

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    Discover Beautiful Hatta

    The drive is as fascinating as the destination itself, taking the visitor through burnished sand dunes and mountains in various vibrant colours to a site rich in history.

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    Shop for jewelleries at the Gold Souq

    Deira, in northern Dubai, is home to a number of "souqs" or "souks" (traditional Arab markets), including the Covered Souk, the Gold Souk and the fragrant Spice Souk.

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    Enjoy a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque

    The beautiful Jumeirah Mosque is a spectacular example of modern Islamic architecture and culture, and is one of the most photographed religious sights in Dubai.

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    Explore the Bastakiya Quarter

    The Bastakiya Quarter in Bur Dubai is one of the most picturesque heritage sites in the city, featuring the traditional "wind towers."

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    The Ultimate Desert Safari

    No visit of Dubai would be complete without a trip into the desert. Try fun-filled dune-bashing and sand-skiing in Dubai's sprawling desert!

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    Experience Camel Racing

    Camel racing is certainly one of the most memorable and unique cultural highlights of your visit to Dubai and the UAE. A must-do!

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