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Massage Therapy

Choose among a selection of relaxing or therapeutic massages.

Softouch Spa offers a journey of discovery for the entire body...

From therapeutic massages for stubborn muscles to purely relaxing Hot Stone therapy, Swedish or Balinese massages that help to relax body, mind and soul. Our Spa experts know what to recommend.


  • Traditional Balinese massage: An ancient deep tissue massage to release knots and tensions as well as promoting harmony of mind, body and soul
  • Classic Swedish massage: Includes long, relaxing strokes, kneading, friction, tapping and shaking motions to improve circulation and relief muscle tensions
  • Hot Stone therapy: Perfect for a super-deep tissue massage to help stubborn muscles release and relax
  • Sport Massage: Perfect for every active or athletic individual who seeks a muscle-intensive massage modality. Help relieving discomfort or pain from activities
  • Reflexology: An ancient Chinese healing art and a foot treatment incorporating pressure points that mirror the body’s key system
  • Spine Care: a treatment for the spine, effective for sciatic pains and spondylosis
  • Lymphatic Massage: Helps to clear the “passage-ways” of the congested lymph pathways
  • Ayurvedic Anti-Cellulite: With special herbal powder, this therapy exfoliates like a scrub and breaks cellulite, deplete fat and strengthens the muscles. Removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation
  • Pregnancy massage: This massage will help  alleviate upper and lower back pain, aching knees and overall fatigue during pregnancy
  • Abhyangam: Massage with luke warm Ayurvedic oil on the head and body which enhances proper blood circulation and relaxes the mind
  • Marma massage: This massage is superb for overworked, tired and stressed muscles to help stretch the body and alleviate fatigue
  • Elakkizhi: Enhances and cleanses the channels of peripheral blood circulation and detoxifies your system in a natural way

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From 45 minutes to 90 minutes

Price Range:

From AED 380 to AED 750

To make an appointment with any of our Spa experts, call +971 4 409 5909 or email