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take kempinski home

Take Kempinski Home

Looking for quick and easy ways to improve your housekeeping? Look no further! We will be sharing monthly videos filled with helpful tips and tricks from our expert housekeeping team, hosted by our very own Executive Housekeeper, Ms. Pamini Hemaprabha. When it comes to housekeeping she is one of the best!! From the creation of unique flower arrangements and keeping your floors shiny to tips on how to choose the right mattress, these videos will cover it all.

The first episode is about how to make the perfect bed.

Perfect your bed making skills with these expert tips :

  1. Start with the mattress – make sure to rotate your mattress at least every quarter or once every six months, so that your bed will never become uneven.
  2. Every mattress and pillow needs to have a protector. This will help you protect them from any kind of fluids and stains. Your mattress should only be washed by dry-shampooing, but this will not remove any stains that might be affected by fluids.
  3. Many people struggle with putting a cover on their duvet. Here’s an easy way; grab the top two corners and middle part of your duvet and insert them into the cover, starting from the first corner. Then head to the middle part and the last corner and then shake the duvet until it is covered and you’re done!
  4. Last but not least is the look of your bed, we want it all to look nice. You could do this by adding some colours to your bedsheets or by using a bed runner, a couple of small pillows or bolsters.

We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any inquiries when it comes to housekeeping, do let us know. We would love to hear from you and help you out. :)

For any further inquiries please email us on: hk.malloftheemirates@kempinski.com

6 Mar 2014

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