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Take Kempinski Home – Secrets from our Florist

Here it is! The second episode of ‘Take Kempinski Home’ is all about floral arrangements. This month, our talented Head Florist,  Asanka will show us how to create a unique floral arrangement.

We all agree that a gorgeous bouquet of flowers keeps the house fresh and lively, brings a smile on our face and generally makes our day!

Making it happen is not that easy though,  it’s not just about having a bunch of matching beautiful flowers in a vase - it’s about creativity too!  Here are Asanka’s tips on how to create that perfect bunch.

If you’re up for it, here is what you would need to have to create a unique floral arrangement:

  1. A fish glass bowl, around 15 cm in diameter or bigger
  2. Different combination of flowers, in this video – we are using yellow tulips, purple orchids and pink gerberas
  3. Some green leaves would be perfect for extra decoration such as galaxy and cordyline leaves
  4. A small size floral foam - also called oasis
  5. 1 cup of coloured stones for additional decoration
  6. A stapler and a pair of scissors
  7. 100 ml of water

Once you have gathered all the items needed for this floral arrangement, you’re ready to let your creativity go wild. Asanka will show us step-by-step how to do this particular arrangement.

  1. Place your floral foam (or oasis) in the centre of the fish bowl
  2. Cover the oasis with the coloured stones, then pour some water to cover the stones and oasis
  3. Place the galaxy leaves on all four edges of the oasis
  4. Grab the yellow tulips (cut the stems in different lengths) and place them on one side of the oasis
  5. The same goes for the orchids; cut the stems in different lengths and place them on the other side of the oasis
  6. Next will be the cordyline leaves, place them between the flowers
  7. Add the gerbera flowers on the left, on the side of the oasis
  8. Cover the base of the oasis, with more cordyline leaves. Make sure that it’s not visible from the outside
  9. Spray some water on top of the flowers and you’re done!

We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any inquiries when it comes to housekeeping, do let us know. :)

For any further inquiries please email us at: hk.malloftheemirates@kempinski.com

20 Mar 2014

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  • Addy Smith | 29/05/2014 10:53am (10 months ago)

    A fish glass bowl? That seems to be unnecessarily big for flowers.

  • Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates | @KempinskiDubai | 26/05/2014 3:09pm (10 months ago)

    Dear AddySmith,

    Thank you for your kind words, we are delighted to hear that you appreciate our work and will make sure you continue getting interesting articles every week.

    Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Team

  • AddySmith | 23/05/2014 11:55am (10 months ago)

    This is really wonderful that I have found this website. I would really admire the efforts made here to make the content & the whole stuff more wonderful than others.

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