8 Dec 2013 | Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
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Special Winter Beverages

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when you can cuddle up on the sofa, wrapped in a cosy blanket and enjoy the evening with a delicious hot beverage in front of your favourite movie. The Festive Season should not only be about drinking Gluehwein or hot chocolate, there are so many new festive delights to enjoy.

So we caught up with Raed, our barista in Aspen by Kempinski, and asked him to share with us some of his favourite winter beverages. He chose Golden Sunset, Mulled Apple Juice and Aspen Special, which can be found on our special Festive Season drinks menu.

“If you’re looking for something different this Christmas, then these drinks are perfect!” Said Raed “It’s not difficult to prepare them yourself and they will put you into festive mood right away!”

Here’s how you can make these perfect winter delights:

 Golden Sunset

The Golden Sunset is a combination of your favourite coffee with a touch of festive flavour. All you need is:

1 dash of honey

1 Americano coffee

Cinnamon powder

Whipped cream


First put the dash of honey into a glass and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top of the honey (not too much). Then add the Americano and once again sprinkle a little amount of cinnamon powder on the Americano. To finish it off, add the whipped cream and decorate it with a last sprinkle of cinnamon powder.

And don’t spare on that whipped cream- let it snow!!! J

Mulled Apple Juice

If you are not in the mood for coffee, then try the Mulled Apple Juice. It is even easier to prepare than the Golden Sunset. What you need:

Apple juice

A piece of orange zest

A cinnamon stick




Steam the apple juice with the orange zest and cinnamon stick. Pour the steamed apple juice in the glass then add the honey. The amount of honey depends on how sweet you like your drink. To savour this delight, have some homemade cookies with it.

Yummylicious warning!!


Aspen Special

The festive season is just about hot drinks. Especially here in Dubai you can easily exchange the hot beverage with a cold one. The temperature allows it :)

What you need:

Slices of fresh orange and lime

1 dash of vanilla syrup

Alcohol free ginger beer

Crushed ice


Muddle the sliced oranges and limes add a dash of vanilla syrup and crushed ice. Lastly, fill up the glass with alcohol free ginger beer. And voila! It’s ready!

If you are not in the mood to prepare these drinks yourself, just come by Aspen by Kempinski and Raed will be more than happy to serve you your favourite drink. If you are lucky, you might also spot Santa Claus

8 Dec 2013

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