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Ramadan Treats 1

Ramadan Treats

This week we have had a sneak peak into Chef Sudqi’s treasure chest – the hotel’s kitchen! He shared his favourite Ramadan treats and tips on how to prepare them. Have a look below at the mouth-watering recipes. Why not try out a delicious Falafel Salad as a starter, White Fillet Clay Pot for your main course and the Chef’s Ramadan Delights to finish off your meal!

Let’s start with the starter, Falafel Salad:

Falafel Salad

Falafel Dough


  • 600g chickpeas soaked in water for a minimum of 6 hours
  • 100g red onion
  • 40g parsley
  • 100g spring onion
  • 20g coriander
  • 60g garlic
  • 40g salt
  • 20g black pepper powder
  • 30g cumin powder
  • 30g coriander powder
  • 100g bi-carbonate powder



  • 20g young romaine lettuce
  • 20g Frisée lettuce
  • 20g Lolo Russo
  • 20g cherry tomatoes
  • 20g red Radish
  • 15g pomegranate seeds
  • 5g mint leaves
  • 5g parsley sprig
  • 20g orange segments
  • 20g grape fruit segments
  • 10g mint leaves
  • 10ml olive oil
  • 5g salt
  • 1 pinch of white pepper powder



  • 50ml tahini
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 5g garlic
  • 25ml yoghurt
  • Salt to taste
  • Water for consistency


Place the dried chickpeas in a bowl and cover them with cold water. Allow them to soak overnight. You can omit this step if you’re using canned beans. Drain the chickpeas and place them in a pan with fresh water and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes, then let them simmer on a low heat for about an hour. Drain and allow them to cool for 15 minutes. Combine the chickpeas and the ingredients for the dough. Mash the chickpeas, making sure all the ingredients are mixed well together. You can also mix everything in a food processor if you have one. You want the result to be a thick paste. Then, form the mixture into small balls. Fry in 2 inches of oil at 350 degrees until golden brown (approx. 5-7 minutes). Make equal size mini balls and then deep-fry them. Mix the lettuce and vegetables together, season and add in the fried falafel. Serve with tahina dressing which is the combination of tahini, lemon juice, yoghurt, salt, garlic and water. Finally, garnish with a mint sprig and some chives.


White fish fillet clay pot


  • 200g red onions
  • 100g garlic cloves
  • 120ml olive oil
  • 1kg white fillet fish
  • 150g green peppers
  • 150g red peppers
  • 150g yellow peppers
  • 120g black olives, seeded
  • 100g green olives, seeded
  • 500g cherry tomatoes
  • 30g chopped coriander leaves
  • 30g chopped basil leaves
  • 15g salt
  • 8g black pepper
  • Zest of two lemons


Cut the onions into small cubes and chop the garlic. Add the olive oil into a hot frying pan and bring it to heat. Add the onions and garlic and stir until cooked.Add the fish and stir. Dice the peppers and add them to the fish and finish with the olives, cherry tomatoes, coriander leaves and basil leaves. Add salt and pepper and the lemon zest. Once everything is combined, put the mixture into the clay pot and cover it with Arabian bread dough. Sprinkle black sesame seeds after brushing the dough with egg wash. Bake the dish in the oven at 200C for 35 minutes.



Ramadan Delights 



  • 375ml Water
  • 225g Unsalted Butter
  • 300g Cake Flour
  • 5 Whole Eggs
  • 2g Salt

Sugar Syrup


  • 500ml Water
  • 1000g Sugar
  • 400ml Rose water

For Decoration: 250g Green Pistachio Powder & 100g Fresh Pomegranate


To prepare the dough boil the water and butter together in a pan; then add the flour and salt to the pan. Mix everything together until it becomes thick dough. Remove from the pan and transfer the dough to the mixing bowl. Blend the dough, adding the eggs slowly until it becomes more elastic. Pipe the dough with the nozzle that has a circle shape and fry it in the oil. After the frying, soak the dough in the Sugar Syrup. Decorate with pistachio and garnish with pomegranate seeds on the top.

With these fab recipes you are now ready to prepare your own Ramadan treats. Have a go and let us know how you get on!

Ramadan Kareem!


6 Jul 2014

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  • Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates | @KempinskiDubai | 13/08/2014 1:40pm (8 months ago)

    Dear Leela,

    We are glad to hear your family loved the recipes! We will make sure to share as many as possible, we invite you to try our previous recipes too and let us know your feedback :)


  • Leela | 13/08/2014 1:31pm (8 months ago)

    I tried this recipe by myself I followed all the steps exactly as you have mentioned here. Yes 1-2 ingredients were missing but the taste was quite amazing. My kids and my husband loved it.

    Thank you sharing the recipe here.

  • Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates | @KempinskiDubai | 14/07/2014 2:07pm (9 months ago)

    Dear Joe,

    You are right, all ingredients can be found in most local grocery shops. We hope you enjoyed preparing those delicious dishes at home!

  • Joe Wong | 07/07/2014 10:01am (9 months ago)

    I believe the ingredients required to prepare these spectacular recipes are all readily available in our local kitchen or are easily available in the local grocery store. I can already taste the smell and its amazing.

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