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Green Inspiration

Green Inspiration by Kempinski

At Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates we are extremely passionate about the environment and we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and actions we can take towards a greener and more sustainable environment.

Kempinski as a group has launched a programme called ‘Green Inspiration by Kempinski’ and this initiative gives employees around the world the opportunity to be actively involved in activities that will help their hotel become greener and more eco-friendly in  day-to-day operations.

Across all departments in the hotel we have extremely creative employees who, together with their teams, have come up with fantastic ideas on how to be more eco friendly. The green practices adapted by the departments are not only related to finding the most organic/environment friendly products to use, but also about water and energy saving, frequency of linen and towel changes just to name few. And it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to do it in a more sustainable way; sometimes it is just about slightly changing our habits and how we operate on a daily basis.

One of the really successful projects we have implemented includes the Kempinski Trees, which we use in all of our rooms and suites. These are specially made wooden miniature trees with little notes that are placed next to the bed upon turndown service. They give guests the option to leave the tree on the bed in the morning indicating that their linen does not need to be changed that day. Since introducing these we have definitely seen a significant reduction in water and energy consumption.

So far we have reduced our energy and water usage by 9% from 2012, a number we look into increasing on daily basis.

Employees are highly encouraged to participate in eco-friendly initiatives and we have developed and extensive training programme through which we educate and motivate our colleagues to take part in this amazing initiative. The entire management of the hotel is involved and we really have fun and come together as a team when we conduct the training sessions. 

Find out more about Green Inspiration by visiting below link:

Green Inspiration

Did you know that by not switching off electronic devices during the night represents up to 10% of a house electricity bill?

7 Nov 2013

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