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Meet the team Franklin

Meet the Team: Franklin Kiamco, Health Club Manager

Meet our Health Club Manager, Franklin Kiamco! Franklin spoke to us about his day-to-day activities and the running of the Club.  

“Being a Health Club Manager, Professional Fitness Trainer and competitive Body Builder is very challenging, but one of the most inspiring jobs,” Franklin said. “You look after the entire operation of the Health Club, while at the same time looking after your body, your training and your diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and portray yourself as a role model in the fitness industry. Of course another massive job you carry out is helping others to meet and achieve their fitness goals.”

7 am: I wake up and commence my daily ritual to get ready for the day ahead, which includes a protein shake and a 30 minute light cardio workout in our nearby gym, followed by a refreshing cold shower.

8 am: I gear myself up for work whilst having a healthy breakfast to give me more energy and kick-start my metabolism. I then head into work to start my day at the Health Club.

8:55 am: I start my work day by checking my e-mails and replying to any enquiries. I have a chat with our Attendants and Lifeguards to help with any concerns or questions they may have.

9:30 am: I check the status of our gym equipment to make sure everything is in good working condition, sanitised and up-to-standard. If we have some guests inside the gym, I make it a priority to attend to them.  

10:30 am: I always make sure I check the quality and conditions of our Sauna, steam bath and tennis court daily.  Cleanliness is our primary concern, especially in these areas, and I always like to make sure all amenities are on offer to our guests.  

11am: I normally have personal fitness training with members. This is the most exciting part of my day as I get to interact with the guests as well as help them reach their goals in a given time frame. I make sure the workouts are tailored to their personal requirements and are intense but enjoyable. Everyone leaves the gym exhausted but with a smile on their face!  

12 pm: Time for my lunch break! :)

1 pm: After lunch I spend some time checking the pool area and helping our lifeguards, or sometimes covering the pool area while lifeguards take their much deserved lunch break. I assist guests with anything they need and look after the safety of all swimmers and sunbathers.

2 pm: In the afternoon we have our team briefing. This is the time of day when we raise any concerns, give suggestions, share ideas and brain-storm on hotel awareness and current events. It’s important that everyone knows what’s new and what’s hot! The fitness industry is constantly evolving, so it’s vital we know current trends in order to help our guests even more!

2:30 pm: After the meeting, I then follow up all maintenance requests, purchase orders and pending items and emails.

3 pm: I spend some time on administrative work and reports.

4 pm: I head back to the pool area to assist our lifeguards. It’s the time when most of the families come and swim, especially in the cooler months when the temperature is perfect. I make sure we still have enough towels and ensure the guests are having a relaxing time at the pool and enjoying their swim without any issue.

5 pm: From now onwards is when the peak hours start for personal training sessions, as people start to finish work.

6 pm: Dinner time or, as I like to call it, a pre-workout meal!

6:30 pm: I head back to the gym to assist clients or carry out some personal fitness training

7:30 pm: I check my emails one last time and take any phone calls for tennis bookings and health club membership enquiries. This is the time I also handover everything to my fellow fitness trainer and club attendants.  

8 pm: It’s now time for me to head home, have some pre-workout protein and hit the gym!

9 pm: After working out I then have a meal full of protein and fibrous foods.

11 pm: I make sure I have 7 - 8 hours sleep every night to let my body recover and perform even better the next day!

So if you want some last minute tips on how to get that perfect beach body why not pass by the Health Club and meet up with Franklin! 

29 May 2014

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