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Homemade summer skin care tips by Dr. Shylaja

The last topic in our series of fab summer health tips by our expert Dr. Shylaja, is about home-made skin care products and how they smoothen your skin and help you to adjust to Dubai’s hot and humid climate. Dr. Shylaja has selected a variety of recipes for cleansers, scrubs, face packs, facial bleaches and some tips and tricks for the overall health of your skin and body. Have a read and try them out!

Summer Facial Bleach
Ingredients: 4 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp lemon juice
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture evenly on the tanned areas for 15 minutes. Once dried, rinse off with cold water. This remedy works best for greasy and oily skin.

Yoghurt and Honey Cleanser
Ingredients: 4 tbsp plain yoghurt, 2 tbsp honey, 3 tbsp lime juice
Mix all the ingredients together, adding a little cornstarch if you think the paste needs thickening. Apply to your face and massage for 2-3 minutes, before rinsing it off with cold water.

Oatmeal Exfoliating Scrub
Ingredients: 1 tsp fine oatmeal, milk
Mix the ingredients in enough water to make a thick paste. Rub over your face for 2-3 minutes, before rinsing off and patting your skin dry. This is a great scrub as it’s suitable for all skin types!

Yoghurt and Gram Flour Scrub
Ingredients: 1 tspn gram flour, 1 tspn lemon juice, 2-3 mint leaves, low fat yoghurt and a piece of grated carrot.
Mix all the ingredients to form a paste and apply to your face. Massage your skin in circular motions to clean the deep-rooted impurities.

Face Packs
Basan and Turmeric with milk or honey is the most common homemade Ayurvedic face pack. Use this at least once a week for 10-15 minutes or until it dries, and you will be left with a bright and glowing complexion!

Fruit Face Packs
At least once a week, treat yourself to a fruit or vegetable mask appropriate for your skin type. Cucumbers, avocados, apricots and papayas lend themselves well to homemade masks. Puree them and blend with some yoghurt, honey, lemon juice (for oily skin) or rosewater (for dry skin). Apply it evenly to your face and wash it off after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water. Sandalwood paste can be used for a cooling, relaxing effect.

Eyes and feet should be given extra care everyday. Splash lots of cool water on your eyes, soak some cotton pads in cool water or rose water and place them over closed eyes for 10 minutes, to see your eyes brighten up and sparkle even more!

Help yourself to relax before you go to bed by giving your feet a gentle massage with lavender or sandalwood oil.

Triphala Choornam is an Ayurvedic herbal essence and is known to help eliminate any excess heat and toxins from your body, as well as helping to promote your skin’s natural healing process.

We hope you will enjoy the skin-care products and the excellent tips and tricks from the fabulous Dr. Shylaja! Try them out and make sure you let us know how you get on!

Now who’s ready for some glow? 

24 Jul 2014

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    Dear Donkey Mllk Soap,

    Keep us update of your progress with Dr Shylaja tips :)

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  • Donkey MIlk Soap | 27/07/2014 1:59am (8 months ago)

    Well I'm ready for some glow. As a matter of fact I have always been ready, but I haven't suceeded as much as I would have liked yet. Thank you Dr. Shylaja, I will give your recipes a try and tell you about the results.

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