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Easter Traditions

Easter is around the corner and we thought it would be a nice idea to ask our staff at the hotel about their Easter traditions. With Dubai being such a diverse city that brings together so many different cultures, it is always nice to learn from other cultures and find out how they celebrate different holidays.

Elodie from France usually spends Easter with her family. On Easter Sunday they go to her mother’s family and all her relatives come together. Easter is a holiday to enjoy and celebrate with the family. As soon as everyone wakes up in the morning, the children go out egg hunting and visit the bunnies at the farm, which is located close to their house.

During this time of the year, the weather can be unpredictable with rain, snow or summer temperatures,- everything is possible- so the egg hunting takes place either inside or outside. Later in the day, the family gathers around the dining table to enjoy a delicious Easter brunch with yummy treats. But the one dish everyone is looking forward to is her grandma’s lamb stew. Another treat which cannot be missed is the big, nicely decorated gigantic chocolate egg, which when  opened uncovers a lot of smaller chocolate eggs fort he entire family to savour. While the parents are still enjoying the brunch, the kids engage in egg painting and Easter games. This year Elodie, who recently got married, looks forward to introducing her husband to French Easter traditions.

Our German colleague Belinda is celebrating Easter with her mother and close family friends. Each year they have an Easter brunch in one of the friends’ houses. The brunch always happens on Easter Sunday and goes on for hours. The main part of their delicious feast is fish, because of the days of Lent, before Easter. But also beef tartar, salad, roastbeef with remoulade sauce and braided brioche with raisins find their way to the table. Belinda shares the same tradition of egghunting like her French colleague Elodie. The kids also love to participate in the egg race. In this game, you have to run with an egg on a spoon and the fastest one, who still has the whole egg on the spoon at the end, wins.

Our Lady in Red, Nikole from Hungary gathers with the whole family during Easter. Every year they are changing the place where they celebrate. For her family, Easter is all about food and kids. The kids are getting gifts, for which they have to look first in the garden or house depending again on the weather. Their traditional Easter dish is smoked ham. Usually they serve different vegetables and spring onions with it. Chicken noodle soup is also a must on the Easter table. A tradition they share as well is having chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Leon from India celebrates Easter with his family and relatives. They always go to church together on Good Friday, Monday, Thursday and Easter Sunday. The parents and relatives get marzipan and chocolate eggs and bunnies and hide them around the church. After the Sunday morning mass is over, the kids can go and look for the treats. Later on, the whole family gathers together at one place and enjoys the dishes everyone brings with them.

Matyas and his Hungarian family go to their weekend house to spend Easter together. On Good Friday they only have one meal and this is always a small portion. On Easter Saturday they go to church and afterwards they have the traditional Easter ham for dinner.  Easter Sunday is the day to spend with the family; the children wake up early to hunt the Easter eggs which the parents hid the night before.

We hope you enjoyed the above stories and will have lots of fun with your loved ones and enjoy the Easter festivities!

17 Apr 2014

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