25 Jul 2013 | Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
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Culinary Delight

Food plays a big part in the celebration of Ramadan so during this month chefs at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates put their creativity to the test and enchant guests with their culinary wonders on a daily basis.

Executive Chef Sudqi Naddaf, who leads a team of 56 talented chefs at the hotel, has prepared an extensive menu of traditional Ramadan dishes – made up of what he calls “Mother’s Recipes”.

“Nowadays a lot of chefs like to alter the recipes and take the authenticity out of the dish, however I believe that it is the tradition that people miss when they go to a restaurant. My mother has been inspiring me with the dishes I created, which is ‘old school’ and authentic – and loved by the guests of the hotel.”

During Ramadan a delicious iftar can be enjoyed in K Grill every night with a beautiful selection of hot and cold mezzeh, soups, salads as well as various meat dishes. In the Arab World, lamb is eaten more than beef and Chef Sudqi’s signature Lamb Shank and Whole Lamb Ouzi are the most popular dishes during the holy month of Ramadan. In addition to these dishes there is a wide selection of special Ramadan juices and dates that guests love indulging in.

So when you fast how is it to work in the kitchen the whole day and be around food? Well Chef Sudqi shared with us a funny story, which happened to him during Ramadan. 

“When you are a chef you do spend a lot of time tasting food while cooking, just to make sure everything tastes perfect before serving the guests. And tasting the food is something that I automatically do without thinking so it has happened 1-2 times that I did actually taste the food when I was fasting… Sometimes it is just hard to control… “

Midway through Ramadan and we can’t wait to see what else Chef Sudqi and his amazing team have in store for us… 

25 Jul 2013

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