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Bukhara, Tandoorify Your Senses...

This year, our sister property Kempinski Hotel Ajman is celebrating the 15th birthday of its celebrated restaurant, Bukhara.

If you haven’t been to Bukhara yet, then it’s definitely time to go and have your Bukhara experience...

“Creating drama on a plate is achieved through the perfect combination of flavours, colours, tastes, aromas and textures.” said Chef Manoj, Chef de Cuisine at Bukhara restaurant. 

Bukhara has a unique concept; it offers a sophisticated, ethnic Indian culinary experience. The idea of Bukhara is to emphasize the natural way of cooking and eating. There are no tablecloth or cutlery provided on the tables; the cutlery you use are your hands, isn’t that fun?! But don’t worry, there will be chequered aprons (latest addition that has become very popular) provided to you in case you mess up – just like we did. They are a lifesaver… J

The restaurant was named after the city Bukhara, which was founded in 500 BCE in the area now called the Ark. Bukhara is known as one of the most glorious cities in Central Asia.

The first Bukhara restaurant opened in 1977 in New Delhi by Chef Madanhal Jaiswal, who also created the menu, which has not been changed since. The menu features tandoor and specialized kebabs, such as its famous Sikandari Raan (Marinated Whole Leg of Spring Lamb) as well as Murgh Malai Kebab (Creamy Chicken Kebab).

Not to forget the beautiful signature dish Tandoori Lobster, which is marinated with Indian herbs and spices, cooked to perfection with your choice of preparation: Sigree (iron vessel that holds a charcoal fire over which the food is cooked), Tawa (pan-fried) or Tandoor (a bright red clay pot fired by charcoal).

Traditionally in India, all kinds of meat are cooked in the tandoor. The heated clay releases the flavour in combination with charcoal smoke, which gives a distinctive mouth-watering aroma to the food. This style of cooking requires great expertise; it takes a chef years of training and dedication to master this particular technique.

Other than Bukhara’s wonderful dishes, the décor is very rustic just like the houses in the olden days with unfinished wood, stonewalls and flooring. The warm and cosy atmosphere in Bukhara comes from its wall decorations, carpets are hung everywhere. In addition, the view of the kitchen with the busy chefs adds a warmth ambiance to the rugged look of the restaurant.

If you’re planning to visit Bukhara after reading this post, make sure you go with an empty stomach!

For bookings and information, please email bukhara.ajman@kempinski.com or call +971 6 714 5582.

17 Oct 2013

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  • Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates | @KempinskiDubai | 20/10/2013 6:06am (1 year ago)

    Hi Harish, thank you for your comment. We love Bukhara too.. We will make sure Bukhara and Kempinski Hotel Ajman received your appreciation :) Hope to see you back in Bukhara soon!

  • Harish Petwal | 17/10/2013 4:58pm (1 year ago)

    I love Bukhara restaurant really a yummmy kebabs and food ... specially in the main course Dal makhani ...very nice mouth watering flavour....

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