15 Aug 2013 | Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
back to school

Back to School...

With summer in full bloom many of us are still in holiday mood, however with August coming to its end more than 700,000 students in the United Arab Emirates will be getting ready to go back to Schools in Dubai.

We have all been through this thrill at least once in our life with the holidays coming to an end and a new chapter of our lives about to start. A new school year is exciting, a wonderful feeling catching up with old friends, making a fresh start and of course growing up by moving up a grade. The excitement of picking out new backpacks, and the colorful folders and notebooks to fill them. Going back to school is so much fun and at the start of the school year we don’t usually stress or think about all the homework that is waiting ahead of us.

After summer holidays city is going back to normal and there are a lot of activities taking place around Dubai to keep the children entertained also after school hours. The city plays host to some of the most state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports facilities for all ages.Ski Dubai will for example propose special after school packages.

According to a recent research study the average classroom pencil can write approximately 45,000 words or draw a 56- kilometre long line, and knowing that we use a couple of these during each semester you can only imagine the hard work that needs to be put in by your children this year!

In the UAE most students are off from school for more than two months over the summer however this differs from country to country. For example in Chile summer vacation lasts from mid-December to early March, which means that Chilean children are off for about 12 weeks. While in Holland it lasts for about six weeks which is half of the time…

We wish all students a fantastic year ahead. It is a perfect time of the year to grow from who we were last year and get one step closer to who we want to be in the future.


15 Aug 2013

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