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1897 Bar and Cigar Lovers

1897 Bar for Cigar Lovers

When talking about cigars we get this image from an Al Pacino movie of our favourite Italian gangster enjoying a cigar while working on his plan to conquer the business world. Smoking cigars is a lifestyle that has lots of interesting elements such as how to store cigars in humidors, how to cut and lighten them as well as different ways to enjoy your cigar in the best possible way. 

In 1897 Bar there are 19 premium selections of cigars; with the most popular cigars being Cohiba Siglo I and II, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 and Montecristo No 4. In addition, 1897 Bar offers a great set menu for all cigar lovers to enjoy. With a cozy ambiance and well known signature cocktails (that are specially designed to go along with your choice of cigars…), what more could you ask for?

The majority of the cigars in 1897 Bar are from Cuba, the best cigar producer in the world*. The main area producers of cigars in Cuba are Vuelta Abajo, Semi Vuelta, Partido and Vuelta Arriba. Vuelta Abajo is the main source of leaves, and the only region that grows all types of leaves.

And for all the cigar rookies out there, here’s a great tip to remember: it’s all about storing your cigars properly. The temperature in the humidor should never be higher than 20 °C, and the humidity should be around 68-72%.

Want to know how to pick the right cigar for yourself? There are two things that need to be considered while choosing your perfect cigar. First is the body, depending on your palate; it could be mild, medium or full. The second thing is the size - this is the one factor that you need to consider before you light them up. You don’t want to end up with anything bigger than 7 inches if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Choose your sizes according to the occasion.

For more information or the opportunity to taste amazing cigars, pass by 1897 Bar where our team would be more than happy to guide you…


*According to Cuba’s Food & Agriculture Situation Report by Office of Global Analysis, FAS, USDA

29 Aug 2013

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