Signature Dish

Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks in Demi-Glace

Our Executive Chef Sudqi Naddaf, who hails from Jordan, has made it his mission to put Middle Eastern cuisine on the global culinary map. In 2012 the hotel revamped its lobby café into a high-end luxury lobby lounge named Aspen by Kempinski, and the menu was changed to feature a wide range of classic European specialties. Aspen’s signature dish, slow cooked beef cheeks in demi-glace, is the perfect representation of Sudqi’s culinary style. The preparation of the beef as a confit, marinated for 4 hours as per the traditional French stew recipe, represents the European roots of Kempinski. Chef Sudqi then worked on the dish to adapt it to the local market by cooking the beef as per the local taste; well done and tender at the same time. In addition to the meat, the saffron he adds to the rice gives the dish a unique Middle Easterner flavor.

Our signature dish represents Europe through the cooking techniques, and the Middle East through the oriental spices added to it. This has been extremely well received by the hotel’s guests and has become one of the best–selling items on the menu of Aspen by Kempinski.