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Massage & Wellness Specialist Tilo Weidig

The spa lounge at the Taschenbergpalais managed by Tilo Weidig provides a perfect haven from the stresses of daily life. Enjoy massages, deep-relaxing wellness packages and facial treatments.

Welcome to the Spa Homepage of the most beautiful and extraordinary Hotel in Dresden
– Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden

Tilo Weidig
Massage & Wellness Specialist
T +49 162 422 07 95

I am thrilled that you are interested in my treatment offerings, and hope to have the opportunity to convince you personally of the quality of my services. Whether you accentuate your stay in our beautiful city with an excellent massage or a deep-relaxing Wellness Package and Facial Treatment, I can promise that you won’t regret it!

You no doubt know the feeling of being professionally and/or personally under high pressure. The carousel of stress keeps spinning round and round. Higher expectations and increasing pressure to perform more with less time in the workplace or at home can lead to symptoms such as stress, anxiety, relationship and health problems, leading to an overall feeling of dissatisfaction and being unwell. Do you find yourself wishing for some time to rest and relax, for a time when all is calm and serene, as well as for a time for rejuvenation and the restoration of vitality?

“Wellness” by definition, means an improvement in the state of body, soul, and mind. And by touching I bring wellness! The beauty of a Massage and/or Facial Treatment is that it speaks to our fundamental need to be touched. These treatments are the simplest and possibly the most intense form of human contact, and there is hardly anything else that can also touch the soul in such a manner. Touch creates a reaction in the brain, resulting in a release of Morphiate. This effect is especially intensified through direct skin contact, since skin has millions of nerve endings. This is one of the most important effects of a relaxation massage.

Whichever treatment you choose, I invite you to join me on a dream journey in which your body, soul, and mind can fully experience and discover new worlds.

If you have a chance to visit my Homepage tiloweidig.de/en, you will find that there is a treatment to fit every need. Those who love extra-ordinary, exotic, and experimental massage techniques will find exactly what they wish for, as will those who prefer more structured, traditional Wellness Packages and treatments. For a personal consultation, you can reach me through the contact form. I also offer Male Cosmetic Treatments – services which use products designed especially for male skin needs. Experience and feel the difference between what you may already know and what I offer. You will not be disappointed!

My very special offer for those who have time constraints or are only available outside regular hours I offer my services 24-hours a day, including times when the Spa is officially closed.

Perhaps you are wondering what you might expect from my treatments and what makes them so unique.

Well, I am convinced that it is the ingredients that make my treatments something special:
Competence, Empathy, Respect, Emotion, Innovation, Trustworthiness, Awareness, Discretion, Cleanliness, Tolerance, Harmony, Exclusivity, Professionalism.

All the best,
Tilo Weidig