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Get active in Dresden

Whether by foot, by bus, by boat or with a hot-air balloon: Turn every cobble stone in the city upside down and discover Dresden from all its astonishing facets.

Get active in DresdenDresden today is striking the seemingly contradictory balance of baroque and modern style with an ease that may only be explained through its turbulent past: A contemporary witness of monarchic splendour, the destructive forces of two world wars, and the sacrifices of a socialist system, Saxony’s capital has literally risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Several times. With sheer inexhaustible courage und vitality, Dresden has always kept its soul – and also one or the other secret.

The Elbe River is Dresden’s hot spot for cyclist, joggers, inline skaters and walkers, with its panoramic views of the city’s silhouette
- the Canaletto view, backdropped by natural beauty. Dresden residents and visitors escape everyday life to relax on the rivers grassy banks, while enjoying e.g. fantastic views of Albrechtsberg Castle, Villa Stockhausen (Lingnerschloss) and Eckberg Castle.

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