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Events in and around the Taschenbergpalais Kempinski and Dresden

Dresden, a capital of European Culture, is home to the famous Semper Opera House and offers an innumerable variety of theatres, dance venues, art collections, museums, and galleries as well as concerts and classic events. Directly situated in the historical city centre, the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski is hosting many meetings and events as well as exhibitions, concerts, and culinary highlights.

Highlight und Events in Dresden


Dresden Rubber Duck Charity Cup 2015

On Sunday, 16 August, the Dresden Rubber Duck Charity Cup 2015 will be held by Lions Club International! With about 1,4 million members, Lions Club International is the world's largest charity organisation. The Dresden Rubber Duck Charity Cup 2014 will take place at the Dresden City Festival. The little yellow racers can be purchased in the two shopping malls Altmarkt Galerie and Elbepark on Fridays and Saturdays as from 27 June onwards as well as on the day of the race.  

For more information, please visit lionsclubs.org

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