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Events in and around the Taschenbergpalais Kempinski and Dresden

Dresden, a capital of European Culture, is home to the famous Semper Opera House and offers an innumerable variety of theatres, dance venues, art collections, museums, and galleries as well as concerts and classic events. Directly situated in the historical city centre, the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski is hosting many meetings and events as well as exhibitions, concerts, and culinary highlights.

Highlight und Events in Dresden


Campari Red Night

Dresden City

After the great success of last year, more than 80 bars in five German metropolises will be drenched in red light as part of Campari Red Nights.

It all started on 3 May in Stuttgart and continued to Munich on 23 May. Düsseldorf and Hamburg will follow by 16 August, before the final on 20 September in Dresden and in the Karl May Bar of Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden.

Modern and trendy bars have the honour to present a night of varied music, art and catering that the bar teams organise on their own.

Young and aspiring musicians, such as the singer and songwriter Timothy, who has already made a name for himself with the soundtrack of German comedies “What a Man” and “Schlussmacher” with Matthias Schweighöfer, will provide the background for vernissages and other art performances.

During the event, barkeepers mix various Campari drinks and cocktails, especially the “Campari Tocco Rosso” – the drink of the night. A free app makes planning for the event easier, allowing guests to draw up a time schedule or simply see an overview for those who like to be spontaneous.

Campari shuttle buses run between the different bars to offer the chance to get to the event locations as fast as possible.

The latest information, as well as the download link for the app, can be found at: rote-nacht.campari.de (website in German).


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