PURE Beauty Therapies

Transcend, transform and sense the moment at PURE Leisure & Wellness Centre.

Beauty treatments by Guerlain Alfardan Spa

Revive your imagination, discover peace and harmony, admire beauty in the crisp finishes that surround you. Spoil yourself in the treatment rooms, detox in the sauna, rejuvenate your body in the steam room. While our therapists bestow their expert touch upon your body, physically and spiritually, its effect resonates through the core of your being. Combining the rich knowledge of Guerlain Alfardan Spa with European techniques, PURE offers each guest the ultimate luxuriously healing experience.


Dermalife Spa-Oceana™

Ultimate luxury is the only way to describe the feeling of a completely automatic hydro spa tub and multi-sensory spa service in the Dermalife Spa-Oceana™ Multi-Sensory Spa System capsule. Take time for yourself and dive into acute relaxation with this treatment, only at PURE Leisure & Wellness Centre.


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