Welcome to a journey of self realization

The K Spa is designed and built to revitalize your mind, body and soul with a wide range of world class treatments in an excellent and elegant setting with full Spa facilities and amenities.
Enjoy our wide range of luxurious face and body treatments which are tailor made through a diagnosis to customize product selection and treatment for your body nature.

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    Softtouch Exotics

    Get a taste of the world's most exotic spa treatments, like a “Hot Stone Therapy” or a “Balinese Massage”. Try as well our reflexology treatment, a feet treatment incorporating pressure points that mirror the body’s key systems.

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    Softtouch Express

    These are designed for those who wish to sample a variety of shorter treatments prior to scheduling the absolute treat and for clients on a tight schedule who want quick solutions.

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    Ayurveda Treatment Packages

    These personalized programs will include a dosha specific Ayurvedic diet, therapeutic juices, stimulating and purifying therapies. Ayurveda programs focus on prevention, maintenance and the improvement of one’s health and overall sense of well-being.

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    Body Treatments

    Select one of our body treatments, which are like a facial for your whole body: they cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. They can also have a detoxifying effect on your entire system.

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    We offer the truly authentic hammam treatments in an atmosphere that will leave you in pleasure and delight.

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    St Barth Treatments

    Exquisite elixirs and spa treatments whisk you away to a world of Caribbean relaxation. Exotic oils and fragrances of Caribbean Tiare flower, fine Lily or the essence of pure vanilla caress the soul and pamper the senses.