Events in and around Kempinski Hotel Dalian

Popular Dalian is attractive; Summer Davos, Beer Festival, International Clothing & Accessories Exhibition are all in Dalian. Kempinski Hotel Dalian as perfect location, the maturity of 5-star facilities with European flair has built its own style. Ask our concierge to help you with directions, tickets and transportation.



New Panda Breeding Center Opens In Dalian

Rencently, a new breeding and study center for Giant Pandas was opened in Dalin, making it Liaoning's first ever dedicated center, which focuses on the conservation and procreation of the precious creatures.

The panda house is located in the Dalian forrest Zoo. The three Pandas: Fei Yun, Cai Zhen (the females), and Hu (the male) were transferred, along with their handlers from Woolong Giant Panda Protection and Reserch Center to Dalian.

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