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Chongqing formerly romanized as Chungking is a major city in Southwest China and one of the five national central cities in the People's Republic of China (PRC).
Administratively, it is one of the PRC's four direct-controlled municipalities (the other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin), and the only such municipality in inland China.
Chongqing is the largest direct-controlled municipality in China, and comprises 19 districts, 15 counties, and 4 autonomous counties.
Chongqing has a significant history and culture and serves as the economic centre of the upstream Yangtze basin.

  • Nan Mountain Scenic

    Nan Mountain Scenic

    An excellent place to see chongqing night view.

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  • Dazu Rock Carvings

    Dazu Rock Carvings

    Wonderful artical excelling nature.

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  • Ciqikou Ancient Town

    Ciqikou Ancient Town

    The ancient town with a history of 1800 years

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  • croppedimage230150-81286371043126930002

    Hongya Cave

    A tourist place but you can find recreations of old local crafts here and genuine local food.

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  • croppedimage230150-6828e5ec2ee106a3d567064310e29f03

    The Three Gorges

    AAAAA scenic area(the highest level) by the China National Tourism Administration.

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  • croppedimage230150-200807102132389464

    Liberation Monument (Jiefangbei)

    It was rebuilt as a monument to honor the sacrifice and victory of WWII.

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    Impression Wulong

    Great concert named “Impression Wulong”.

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    Diaoyu City

    The great citadel supported by several strongholds dominated the battles fighting against the Mongolian Invasion in late 13th century.

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