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Limousine Service

It will empower you to travel free and enjoy the music, beverage and newspaper. Our chauffeurs are at your service.

A wide range of luxury limousine services are available upon request. Whether you’re on your way to an important business meeting or exploring the historic sights of Chongqing, our limousine service allows you to travel in style.

                                                                             Kempinski Hotel Chongqing Transportation Tariff
  Items KM                                                         Vehicle Type 
 Audi A6
Buick Van
Benz Van
Airport Pick Up 28KM 450 500 800
Airport Drop Off 450 500 800
City Tour    220 350 400
2 Hours                                                         Calculate By hours
4 Hours
6 Hours
8 Hours 1600 2600 3000
Over 8 Hours 200/hour 300/hour 350/hour
Destination                                                                        One way / Round Trip
Nanping Plaza 2KM 100/150 120/170 160/210
Caiyuanba 4KM 100/150 160/210 260/310
The 3 gorges museum 6KM 200/260 300/350 300/350
Guanyinqiao 9KM 200/260 300/350 350/400
Shiqiaopu 12KM 300/350 400/450 450/500
Shapingba 18KM 400/450 500/550 600/650
YuDong 35KM 500/550 600/700 800/900
Scenic Spot
North Hot Spring 70KM 1000 1200 1500
Tongjing 80KM 1300 1800 2200
Yongchuan 90KM 1500 2000 2400
Dazu 120KM 2000 2800 3000
Si Mian Mountain 150KM 2200 3000 3200
Fengdu 200KM 2500 3200 3600
Long Distance Service
Changshou 70KM 1000 1200 1500
Hechuan 80KM 1300 1800 2200
Fuling 140KM 2100 3100 3400
Luzhou 240KM 2800 3400 3700
Yibin 350KM 3200 3600 3800



1.The city tour service on hourly basis is apply to the following district only: Yuzhong, Shapingba,Yubei,Nanan and Jiu longpo districts.

2.Hourly rate charge start from the time limousine leaves the hotel and arrive back to the hotel.  If rental time exceeds  less than 30 minutes, a 30-minute-fee will be charged. If rental time  exceeds 30 minutes but less  than 60 minutes, a 60-minute-fee will be charged.

3.Enjoy free 30 minutes (maximum) waiting service when round trip service is booked in city, overtime rates, please refer  to the rates of city tour.

4.The city tour service on hourly basis is not apply to airport or rail station pick up and drop off service.

5.The scenic spot and the long distance service can enjoy free 3 hours waiting service, overtime rates, please refer to the rates of city tour.

6.All charges are already including  toll charge, parking fee, expressway fee and the surcharge.

7.All transportation rental rates are subject to change without prior notice.



For more information please contact our concierge service +86 23 8688 8888 ext.6919