Summer Bliss

Summer is associated with ripening and bearing fruit .

Facial Treatment - Summer face, Cooling 90 minutes

RMB 880

Facial Skin is suitable for comfortable and cool in summer, not angry or to avoid direct sunlight. For those who used to dehydrate, inflammation of the skin using aloe, cucumber oil moisturizing and soothing formula liquid is of great benefit. A further advantage is that on the hands and feet are also effective, let you experience the effects of water.


Body massage - Summer bliss , Releasing 90 minutes

RMB 780

This is a both sides of the body using movement and pressure will bring you comfort, relax and replenish Swedish massage. When you want to relax the mind and body, select the massage is most appropriate. Regardless of whether you suffer from sun tanning. Pain, skin, or the body needs water. This massage to radiate heat. Ideal for golf, tennis or any other campaign in the sunshine. Use this form of massage and cucumber aloe in the face and neck. Is to achieve water and oil inside the body balance.


Body treatment - Summer pearl scrub, Cleansing 45 minutes

RMB 380

Mother of pearl is applied to the luxurious body scrub the main raw material. Powdered even more effective and smooth your skin. Summer special treatment of massage and body or cool summer film ready to be effective . This is particularly suitable for friends like the sun.


Body treatment - Summer cool wrap, Re-hydrating 90 minutes

RMB 720

Penetrate into the blood and cool the body of the package, before using heat lamps for you. There is also the active ingredient, will clean the face with moisture gel, nursing at the end of the cooling spray, for you to experience the wonderful journey of calm.

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