Spring in your step

Spring means rainfall and the growth of new buds and leaves .just as a new bud is sensitive to wind ,light and temperature, so is the skin.

Body massage - Spring in your step, Gently detoxifying 90 minutes

RMB 780

The massage of the body through the lymphatic circulatory system of toxins and impurities, and can reduce the formation of fat and body fluid retention. In the skin care brush before doing the body of water, its purpose is to awaken the body of slow muscle, the nurses are particularly suitable for jet - lagged guests, and the perfect activate the body's connective tissue.


Facial treatment – Refreshing 90 minutes

RMB 880

Spring is a perfect time to clear out old and stagnant winter energy , as an effective preparation for the coming seasonal changes .the facial is revitalizing and cleanse of relaxation by enveloping

The feet in warmed Shea and mango butter balm, and incorporating hand massage . this treatment ends with an inhalation which is designed to refresh and reenergize.


Body treatment - Spring clean scrub, Glowing 45 minutes

RMB 380

In the spring, we pay attention to deep clean the skin, the body can adapt to the coming summer. This skin deep clean the skin can go to hell, and conducive to the rebirth of cells. Sea salt, papaya juice and kombuchka rapid growth of skin cells together. Special massages in the spring and spring combination of natural smudge is your perfect choice.


Body treatment - Spring embrace wrap – Boosting 90 minutes

RMB 720

This is a physical package care, in order to maximize absorption and permeability, the useful ingredients we've configured specifically for you, we will use effective methods to help you out of the toxin in serum, blood purification, promote blood circulation and lymphatic system. Refreshing grapefruit through the powerful massage, juniper, Rosemary, geranium into your skin, fatigue to further awaken your body. Nourish hair care, we will package your hair with a Head massage, this treatment will make your hair look very nourishing and shiny.

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