Paulaner Bräuhaus Membership

Paulaner Membership Card

Annual Membership Fee: RMB 1888

Renewal Fee: RMB 888

Membership Benefit

  1. Your personalized beer mug with your name, displayed in Paulaner.
  2. Order a minimum of 1L beer and receive in addition 1 L on the house during every visit for 1 time.
  3. Receive one Paulaner T-shirt
  4. Receive one voucher for a complimentary deluxe room night at the Kempinski Hotel Chongqing, including 2 breakfast buffets
  5. For your birthday, receive a 2pounds cake during your celebration at Paulaner
  6. 20% discount on food and beverage on your birthday celebration at Paulaner up to 10 persons
  7. 10% discount on all German spirits, schnapps & obstler.
  8. 10% discount on all merchandise items available at Paulaner souvenir shop.

15% discount on all food consumption at Paulaner