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Kempi Deli

Kempi Deli - It's all about the pleasure of taste!

Located in the office tower, Kempi Deli features custom-roasted coffee in the morning, as well as breakfast pastries, muffins, freshly baked breads and cookies. In the afternoon, we fill our ovens with cakes, tarts and more irresistible treats. Pick up a scrumptious cake in an elegant box fitted with ribbon and ready to present.
For those on the run, we present ready-made sandwiches, salads and hot comfort classics. Our sandwiches are built with our own house-baked breads and filled with classic combinations.
Location: Floor 1

Opening Hours:
7:00 - 19:30

For inquiries and orders, please call +86 23 8688 8888 Ext. 6563
or email us at reservations.chongqing@kempinski.com.

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    Kempi Deli - 50% off

    Daily 17:30 to 19:30

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    Fresh Baked Bread Kempi Deli

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    German Sausages

    Home Made German Sausages at Kempi Deli

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    Chocolate Festival

    Enjoy our new chocolate creations and indulge yourself with mouthwatering flavour.

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    Delicious, velvety, smooth and fabulous, enjoy this American classic with Swiss flair.

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