Discover the culinary highlights of Kempinski Hotel Chongqing. From extraordinary pastry creations via the traditional Afternoon High Tea to special food & culture festivals – let us inspire you.

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    Chongqing DanDan Noodles

    Signature Dish Kempinski Hotel, Chongqing
    We are delighted to present you our recipe of our famous Signature Dish DanDan Noodles.

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    The Thai Business Meal

    For only RMB68 you will be able to enjoy a delicious three Courses menu! When you’re in need of a break from your busy day, this will be the perfect reason to try our Thai chef’s creations!

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    Guo Hui Yan Reinvents Bussiness Meal

    Guo Hui Yan Chinese Restaurant offers tranquility and impeccable service to all with a special business meal for both Lunch and Dinner.

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    Thursday Ladies Night

    Ladies ONLY

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    Paulaner Beer Night RMB88

    It's Paulaner Time!
    Home brewed beer free flow.

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    Taste the Spirit

    Paulaner Bräuhaus invites you & your friends to enjoy a DAILY selection of spirits.

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    Desert of the year 2014----Siam Passion

    Each year we are looking for the best dessert, with no limit to creativity.

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    Buy 10 get 12

    Elements Restaurant
    Nothing puts the wind in your sails like finding a great buffet dinner

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    Kempinski China hotels starts collaboration with the Miss Cupcake from Switzerland

    Kempinski Hotel Chongqing successfully started a collaboration with the well known Cupcake artist Miss Cupcake from Switzerland.

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    Hot Pot Etiquette

    Chongqing without Hotpot is just like France without Paris.
    Families or groups of friends sit around a table and eat from a steaming pot in the middle, cooking, drinking and chatting.

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    Ginger Bread House

    Create your own winter wonderland with the magical Ginger Bread House and create wonderful centerpieces for your parties which your children will love.

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    German Flair Christmas Eve

    Join us and have an extraordinary Christmas eve party at Paulaner Bräuhaus with Christmas cuisine, Glühwein and international live band performance.

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    Christmas Eve Seafood Buffet

    Enjoy this holiday season with mouthwatering appetizers, exquisite main courses and delicious desserts that
    include an array of festive delights and traditional European and Asian favorites.

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    Create your own Christmas celebration

    Book your company Christmas Eve dinner at Guo Hui Yan Chinese Restaurant and we will provide you with
    free decorations and lucky draw vouchers to assist you in celebrating your Christmas party!

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    New Year Seafood Buffet Dinner

    Enjoy this night of unforgettable seafood feast and a delicious selection of local and international
    specialities at Elements Restaurant.

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    Healthy Ningxia Mutton Soup Pot

    According to traditional Chinese medicine, mutton is the top meat and best food in winter when warmth is a must for our health.

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    Welcome 2015 with Paulaner Bräuhaus!

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    New Year Set Menu @ The Thai Cook Restaurant

    Connoisseurs of authentic Thai cuisine will receive a warm welcome at The Thai Cook Restaurant.

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