Xiling Snow Mountain

Here are a mountain skiing ground with lowest latitude nearest to mega central cities and the largest grass skiing ground in China.

Xiling Scenic Spot is a world nature heritage, habitat of the endangered panda and other rare animals. The scenic spot is situated in Dayi Country, the west part of the Sichuan basin.It is located 95km away from Chengdu and covers an area of 482 square kilometers. The highest peak in this area, Snow Pond, reaches 5.364 meters above the sea level, and is also the highest peak in Chengdu. On this peak the snow lasts all year long, so the view from the peak is always magnificent. Looking out into the distance from the peak, Du Fu, the famous poet of Tang Dynasty wrote the following lines: “Snow accumulated through thousands of years on the Xiling Snow Mountains could be viewed within a glance from the window, while ships from the Eastern-Wu state of miles away, are anchoring in the dock outside the hen”. It is from this poem that these mountains finally got its name Xiling Snow Mountain. 

Xiling Snow Mountain

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