Sichuan Opera

The Sichuan opera, also known as Chuanju, is one of the most dramatic, boisterous and vibrant of operas. Sichuan opera is characterized by a celebration of colorful costumes, acrobatic flips and gestures as well as fire-spitting, knife-hiding and face-changing.

Sichuan Opera, locally known as “Fu rong guo cui” consists of several different performances with ancient history. Every night famous actors will perform different classics such as face changing, acrobatic stunts, shadow puppets and dancing. 

Sichuan Opera

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Business Hours: 08:00PM – 09:20PM

Location: Chengdu Jinjiang District Huaxing Street No. 54 Jinjiang Theatre (15mins from hotel by car)

Ticket: 280RMB/200RMB