Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain is the worshipping place for “Pu Xian Bodhisattva”, as one of the four famous Buddhist mountains. The mountain boasts four natural wonders including Buddha’s aura, Cloud Sea, Sunrise and Sacred Lamps

Mt. Emei, 7km southwest of Emeishan city, 160km southwest of Chengdu, is like a huge green screen standing in the southwest of the Chengdu plain. The mountain stretches more than 200km from south to north. Its main peak, Wanfo Top, reaches 3.099m above the sea level. Its charming scenery has won its name of “Mt. Emei, the Greatest Beauty under Heaven”. 


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Location: Emeishan city, Sichuan province (2.5 hours from hotel by car)

Ticket: 185RMB