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Discover the culinary highlights at Kempinski Hotel Chengdu. Mysterious Chinese cooking art always surprises us in different seasons.

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    Unique International Buffets

    Enjoy international and regional cuisine with family and friends at Season’s Restaurant for a journey of culinary creations from around the world. Our weekly themed buffets are exactly what you are looking for.

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  • Stick Hotpot

    Stick Hot Pot

    Enjoy one of the most traditional dishes in Sichuan stick hot pot.

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  • Golden Suckling Roasted Pig

    Golden Suckling Roasted Pig

    Find the finely sliced and perfectly cooked crispy skin tender suckling pig at Harmony.

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  • Poon Choi

    Poon Choi

    Poon Choi is a large dish that originated from Hong Kong. It is perfect to take home for the whole family to gather around and explore the various tastes of the different ingredients layer-by-layer.

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  • Winter Vegetable

    Winter Vegetable

    What to eat in winter? Remember the forgotten vegetables. Indulge in tasty and nutritious German dishes with beet, kale, cabbage and other vegetables.

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