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Spa Treatments

Our Kempinski The Spa offers a variety of healthy treatments, from saunas and massage to facials and other relaxation & healing wraps. Indulge your senses and raise your spirits with wide range of inspiring treatments based on the changing seasons, organic herbs, gentle flowers and soothing plants to restore natural rhythm and inner balance to the body.

Kempinski The Spa is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00

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    Spa Massages

    The healing power of touch within our body massages provides an essential sanctuary from stress & tension.

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    Spa Body Treatments

    All our treatments and spa experiences incorporate the wisdom of nature to heal and restore the body’s equilibrium.

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    Spa Facial Treatments

    Your skin and face are completely cleansed and rejuvenated with our specially designed facials adjusted to your unique requirements.

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    Spa Enhancements

    Experience the feeling of full relaxation and caring for your hands and feet with our specially designed treatments to bring back the glow to your skin and nails.

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    Kempinski The Spa Definitive Treatment

    With your own signature treatment we bring you back into balance with nature and the rhythm of her seasons. Nature has gifts for us if we are willing to open them.

    A Journey of 180 minutes of ultimate pampering.

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    Spa Suite

    Add the Spa Suite to your choice of treatment to live the ultimate luxurious experience.

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