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Culinary Highlights

Kempinski Nile Hotel Dining brings the fine dining experience to the comfort and convenience of you and your guest. Our extensive menu day or night is ideal, impromptu meetings, or for quiet, private dining. You'll find plenty of international options as well as Middle-Eastern cuisine for those looking for a taste of the Region.
A sophisticated atmosphere, expertly designed menus and sophisticated high tea. Kempinski Nile Hotel " Welcomes you to a world of culinary delights. "

  • High Tea

    Indulgent Tea Time

    Spoil yourself in The Chocolate Lounge with the Classic Victorian or the Oriental High Tea.

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  • croppedimage230150-Roasted-Quail

    Signature Dish

    Since the ancient times of the Pharaohs, quail has been considered the most famous food in Egypt along with pigeons.
    The Egyptians realized quite early that quail is a brilliant source of protein for their workers, supplying them with energy to help them build the magnificent temples 7000 years ago, so large farms were established for breeding them. In fact, quails were so common that they had their own hieroglyph; the quail chick hieroglyph is used in the Ancient Egyptian language hieroglyphs for the alphabetic vowel letter (w).

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