Zoltán Boros

Chief Engineer

Zoltán Boros - Chief EngineerMy Budapest tip:
The Landmark of Budapest: Parliament

I am not just an engineer but an enthusiastic engineer, so my favourite spot in Budapest is the Hungarian Parliament building, because it’s an architectural gem and a true feat of engineering. This massive building is built in a magnificent Gothic Revival style and it took almost 20 years to complete. It is the second largest parliament building in Europe. Its external lighting has recently been upgraded, which covers it in a luxurious shower of light by night. Its massive scale contrasts with all things delicate: the elegant slim towers, the façade’s lacework, the countless stained glass windows and the 242 sculptures of historical rulers of Hungary and Transylvania. I also like to take their various guided tours as well as the themed walks offered inside the building, which is full of stunning detail. You can also view Hungary’s most important historical artifice, the Holy Crown, which belonged to Hungary’s first Christian ruler: Saint Stephen.

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