Sebastian Thomas

Executive Assistant Manager

My Budapest tip:
Andrássy Avenue and the Paris Grand Department Store

My Budapest is on Andrássy út. This Parisian boulevard connects the city with Heroes’ Square and City Park. It was built for the 1900 Millennium, and underneath it runs the European continent’s first, still functional underground. For me, it is the essence of monarchical Budapest. My favourite stretch of this avenue lies between Erzsébet Square and Oktogon, with its stunning architecture and countless restaurants, bars and cafes. I have a special spot reserved in my heart for the Paris Grand Department Store. It was Budapest’s first purpose-built, modern department store. As one goes in, they’ll find a wine boutique and a bookstore, but head up to the striking, gilded, fresco-covered Lotz Hall, to the café. I promise you’ll be swept off your feet, and once you come to, you’ll want to stay for coffee, wine, nibbles or cake and live piano music but most of all for the ambience! During the summer, they also open an exclusive rooftop hangout called The Sky Bar.

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