Roland Holzer

Executive Chef

Roland Holzer - Executive ChefMy Budapest tip:
Buda's Hills and Buda's Best Strudel

I love outdoor activities, which makes Budapest a very special city because of the hilly Buda side. One of my favourite destinations is Normafa, which is very popular with the locals and where my family and friends would go on a hiking excursion. It offers an awesome panorama of the Buda hills and there are several paths available in the forest to walk along. There’s more! I sometimes insist on taking the Children's Railway, just for the fun of it. It is a small train which operates in the outskirts of Buda, between Hűvösvölgy and Széchenyi Hill. This 11-km long line is operated by children aged 10 to 14 (except for the locomotives, which are driven by adult professionals). The trains call at various sites of interest to tourists. Every time my family goes to Normafa, our special treat is the strudel bar there (Normafa Rétes Büfé), which has been offering its mouth-watering fresh strudels, based on authentic traditional recipes, for 34 years.

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