János Parti

Director of Sales and Marketing

János Parti - Director of Sales & MarketingMy Budapest tip:
Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

I loved going to the Budapest zoo when I was a child, and so do I now that I am an adult. It’s true family fun and a full day’s outing. It is a magical place; you enter such a different world as you see animals from the various continents. We eat ice cream, feed the animals, wander around; we just enjoy the day as if we’re on a day trip. The children adore the friendliness of the cute species as well as the thrill and fear of the scary animals. The zoo’s newest feature is the Cave of Magic, with a 3D movie and exhibitions. The original zoo was built in 1866, and as such, it is the oldest one in Hungary. Curiously for a zoo, you’ll have a field day exploring the landmarks made by famous Hungarian architects. The elephant house, is decorated with Indian and African features and coloured Zsolnay porcelain – you’ll find this glazed tiles on many a building in Budapest (and actually in our hotel's Living Room). The zoo is located next door Gundel, arguably the most famous high-end Hungarian restaurant.

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