Dávid Farkas

Revenue Manager

Dávid Farkas - Revenue ManagerMy Budapest tip:
Jogging in the City

I love Margaret Island’s peace and quiet, but what I find especially fascinating is its sports life. The island is plopped in the middle of the Danube, just off the romantically restored and candelabra-rich Margaret Bridge, and as soon as you go there it will instantly become your sweet spot. It is my bucolic escape from the city; in its very heart yet splendidly isolated by the river. Another positive for the island is that car traffic is restricted. To me it’s better than Central Park! I run along the island’s full 5.35 km of dedicated, rubber-coated running tracks, which are conveniently marked every 500 metres. I swim in the Palatinus water park, which is Europe’s largest open air swimming complex, and the Alfréd Hajós Swimming Pool. There are also tennis courts and an athletics centre. Alternatively, you can just meander through this almost one sqkm island to discover its attractions, such as the Music Fountain and the Water Tower, both of which are protected UNESCO sites, or the small Japanese garden and the tiny zoo.

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