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There are exciting new initiatives in addition to the hundreds of cultural events and festivals that take place every year in Budapest, Hungary like the annual Budapest Spring Festival, the avant-garde Autumn Festival, the rock-cred Sziget Festival. And at the Kempinski Corvinus, the Kempinski Gallery showcases local modern art. Follow events on Facebook too!

Ask our concierge to help you with directions, tickets and transportation for the following:

  • 01/04/2015 – 15/06/2015

    Krüzsely Exhibition on Promenade | Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

    Exosphere - exhibition of Gábor Krüzsely

    Exosphere - wandering in time and space. To connect people. To enjoy life.
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  • 11/06/2015 – 24/06/2015

    Budapest Wagner Days Palace of Arts

    Wagner Days

    The Palace of Arts will once again present its critically acclaimed sell-out concert series of...
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  • 03/07/2015 – 05/07/2015

    Red Bull Air Race Budapest

    Red Bull Air Race Budapest - Thrill in the Air

    Remember aeroplanes flying under Chain Bridge? Oh yes, it happened. Refresh your memory, re-live the...
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  • 24/07/2015 – 26/07/2015

    Formula One Weekend Hungary

    Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

    Every year, the Formula One race attracts racing fans from around the world, with numerous side...
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  • 10/08/2015 – 17/08/2015

    Spa Pool

    Sziget Festival

    A week-long series of events at Hajógyári Sziget, a former shipyard, in the middle of the Danube....
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  • 20/08/2015 – 23/08/2015

    Festival of Crafts

    Festival of Crafts

    This traditional cultural event introduces prominent representatives of traditional folk art every...
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  • 20/08/2015

    St Stephans Day Fireworks | Budapest events by Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

    St. Stephan's Day

    August 20th celebrates the "feast of the new bread", also Constitution Day and Saint Stephan's Day,...
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  • 30/08/2015 – 06/09/2015

    Kempinski The Spa

    Jewish Summer Festival

    Learn about Jewish traditions and holidays and enjoy Jewish culture as well as art of all sorts...
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  • 09/09/2015 – 13/09/2015

    Budapest Wine Festival | Events by Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

    Budapest International Wine Festival

    The Wine Festival has grown to become one of the most prestigious and popular professional events...
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  • 02/10/2015 – 18/10/2015

    CAFe Budapest | Events recommended by Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

    CAFe Budapest Art Festival

    Explore new horizons, escape reality, exercise your mind, excite your senses. The CAFe Budapest Art...
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  • 02/10/2015 – 04/10/2015

    Palinka Festival Budapest | Event recommendation by Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

    BudaCastle Palinka-Sausage Festival

    Yum yum. Palinka is Hungary’s own version of schnapps, distilled from every fruit. Sausage,...
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  • 27/11/2015 – 31/12/2015

    Budapest Christmas Market | close to Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

    Budapest Christmas Fair

    The sweet scent of kurtos kalacs and mulled wine. Servings of sausage. Arts and crafts stalls. The...
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