Signature Dish at ÉS Bisztró | Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

Signature Dish - Lung and tongue stew

Try a​ unique Hungarian delicacy that in recent years has disappeared from local menus causing an entire generation to grow up without knowing what it is - Lung and tongue stew (szalontüdő).​ 

Kempinski ​ Hotel Corvinus Budapest made it their mission to re-introduce this delicacy to the public as a signature dish in its restaurant.

Enjoy this unique, rich and savoury stew based on the lung, tongue and heart, with varieties made using veal, beef, pork, lamb as well as fish and served with dumplings.

The Viennese-influenced cuisine of the monarchy made innards a gourmet staple. Lungs and tongue stew was a popular meal amongst the upper middle class and Jewish families but the term beuschel or veal lungs came to signify “lungs” and even “stethoscope” (beuscheltelefon or literally lungs telephone). While not an exclusively Jewish dish, the highest quality lungs were sourced from Jewish butchers because the dish required the complete drainage of blood, which kosher butchers or sochets were able to perform with unparalleled precision. The resulting white, rather than grey, lungs make the stew a delight.

Local Inspiration
This was one of the first dishes that Executive Chef Roland Holzer was taught to make during his apprenticeship programme. Ever since, he has been in passionate love with this rich stew.

Do you desire to taste this signature dish in Budapest? Just book your table at ÉS Bisztró. For reservations please contact us by telephone at +36 1 429 3990 or e-mail at and enjoy!