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Wine Discovery - The Best of Austria

Wine tasting dinner introducing the specific Moric Winery and its unique wines

Roland VelichWine Discovery - The Best of Austria, Moric winery
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 at 7:30 p.m., Arte Wine & Tapas

“Wine is not art. Wine is older then art, it is perfect.” – Roland Velich

Come enjoy an extraordinary wine tasting of five wines from the Austrian winery Moric with a five-course degustation dinner lead by the sommelier of Kempinski Hotel River Park Ratislav Šuták with special guest Roland Velich.

Roland Velich produces expressive and individual wines under his brand Moric. He comes from a winemaking family and together with his brother Heinz, also a well-known winemaker, he grew up on a family farm in Apetlon that still bears their surname. Roland’s wine yards are located on the western banks of Neusiedler Lake in the region of Burgenland.

“Austria is a cool climate wine region. Its wines, like those of the Burgundy, are therefore, wines of finesse, structure and depth. But what did the Burgenlanders do?” Roland asked. “They went the other way, very much like most other European cool climates – namely the Piedmont or the Rhone Valley – and tried to produce wines that were opulent, big and easily accessible. In this attempt to satisfy the masses, they denied their own strength, deceived their own beliefs and ultimately lost their appeal,” said Roland.

For this particular reason, Roland decided to study the Burgundy wines closer – where and how are they grown, the process of their fermentation and many other details – in order to fully understand the wine. After obtaining sufficient information, he began to apply his knowledge into the Burgenland wines.

Roland goes for the late-ripe grapes to preserve their delicacy and aroma. The carefully picked grapes are left to naturally develop still in their own skin for the open fermentation process. He only uses natural yeast in open-air fermentation.

Roland Velich belongs amongst those wine specialists who judge wines by their soul, charm and quality of demonstration, not according to the points from a blind tasting.

Let your senses be captivated by sensuous Moric wine and take part in the five-star degustation dinner at Kempinski Hotel River Park. Reserve your table now!

75 € per person

For bookings and more information, please email or call +421 2 3223 8611.