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Wine Discovery - The Best of France

Wine tasting dinner introducing the Domaine Fouassier Winery from the acclaimed Sancerre region and its specific wines

Wine Discovery The Best of France - Domaine Fouassier Winery Thursday, 30th October 2014 at 7:30 p.m., Arte Wine & Tapas

A wine degustation event organised by the sommelier Rasťo Šuták and Executive chef Björn Juhnke that will introduce your palate to the flavours of unique selection of Sancerre Crus in combination with carefully selected dishes to complement the wines.

Sancerre lies in the eastern end of the Loire Valley in the north of France, which is one of the greatest wine regions in the country. The history goes back to the Middle Ages when many people preferred the wines from the Loire Valley to the ones from Bordeaux. The special climate is influenced by the river, which brings the temperature up to the necessary temperature for the grapes to grow and develop their distinct freshness and vibrant acidity. The region is famous for white wines, particularly for Sauvignon Blanc, but also features various other types like Chenin Blanc or Pinot Noir.

The Domaine Fouassiers are one of the oldest wine-producing families in the valley and they highly value nature and natural winemaking. Their vineyards are planted with 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Pinot Noir, which matches the soil of the land.

Jules Fouassier was in many ways a pioneer for modern winemaking. He was, in the year 1900, the first one in Sancerre to acknowledge what difference each terroir makes to the final wine and he put single vineyard names on the wine labels. Over the years, each generation followed Jules Fouassier’s footsteps, inspired by keeping tradition and implementing new knowledge while always focusing on the terroir and the surrounding environment. They believe that the land and environment is the family’s real heritage, which is passed on to the next generation.

The wine family’s tenth generation, the cousins Benoit and Paul Fouassier, introduced organic and biodynamic viticulture and received the certifications in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The improvement of the soil through the organic treatment is reflected in the intense expression of the wines.

The complexity of the wines harmonizes with our special menu (click to preview) to provide you an unforgettable experience at Kempinski Hotel River Park Bratislava. Do not miss this unique opportunity to participate in our degustation dinner and discover the taste of Domaine Fouassier wines with your friends or business partners. Reserve your table now!

75 € per person

For bookings and more information, please email or call +421 2 3223 8611.