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Wine Discovery

A wine tasting event to introduce a top German winery, Thanisch & Sohn, and its most significant wines.

Wine Discovery at the Kempinski Hotel River Park22nd May 2014, 7:30 pm, Arte Wine  & Tapas

A tasting of different wines from the Thanisch & Sohn Winery, including specially selected and created dishes by the Kempinski Hotel River Park's head chef, Björn Juhnke, only for this occasion. A wine degustation event created by our sommelier Rasťo Šuták to refresh your palate with the lively flavours of the Middle Moselle, Germany.

EUR 75 per person

The family run  Thanisch & Sohn winery is recognized for their significant location in the Middle Moselle dating back to the year 1648. The Middle Moselle is a wine region with valleys, rivers and a generally cool climate. The Thanisch & Sohn vineyards are located on south-west facing steep inclined hills - almost 70% incline (!) with soft, stony soil which is ideal for storing heat. The entire Middle Moselle is a functioning reflector, which further intensifies the sunlight for the grapes grown in this area. Because of the ample sunlight, the wines from Thanisch & Sohn are juicy, fruity and complex.

Thanisch & Sohn believe that “wines are an expression of soil in which they grow” and therefore the winemakers work to preserve the micro-climate in the Middle Moselle for the highest possible quality of wines. Nature oriented cultivation of grapes is the Thanisch & Sohn winery’s goal. They aim to evenly provide the wine with nutrients and maintain soil life. To achieve this, they use bark mulch or bio compost and harvest all grapes by hand. Sometimes it can take up to 3 rounds of harvesting for the highest quality vintages!

Along with high quality soil and careful harvesting, the Thanisch & Sohn winery also aims to “capture the grape’s fruitiness and freshness in the bottle”. In order to do this, the grapes undergo a long vegetation period (from May to October). After the cultivation and harvesting, the fermentation process lasts until spring. The winery values “doing nothing” once the fermentation process begins and all grapes are set in a controlled environment. At this point, the winemakers only interfere to ensure quality. 

A special wine discovery night showcasing the best of Germany’s wineries – Thanisch & Sohn. Join this event to see what Germany has to offer!

For bookings and more information, please email or call +421 2 3223 8611.