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Pure Kitchen

The River Bank Restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel River Park Presents a New Concept of the Pure Kitchen

March 4th 2014, Bratislava – The River Bank Restaurant in the Kempinski Hotel River Park is officially presenting the new concept of the so-called Pure Kitchen. An outdoor campaign with the claim "The Best Origin", by the agency JANDL, should also help emphasise the five-star quality of the restaurant’s dishes and service.

"For the River Bank Restaurant, we have created a promotional menu including the best ingredients: we took a great idea, added a sense of detail to it, and served it all together as if on a plate," explained Bernd Fliesser, the chief creative officer of the JANDL agency on how the campaign originated. He also added that “The Best Origin” represents the main course. "Since it is the River Bank that offers the best fresh dishes, best quality and best cuisine for the best people," said Fliesser.

The claim "The Best Origin" should represent a neat and simple menu. "It should emphasize purity and the beauty of the products that are offered in the River Bank Restaurant," said Gerald Haberhauer, general manager of the Kempinski Hotel River Park. In his view, the food is prepared with top quality ingredients that are chosen by a team of cooks led by the chef Björn Juhnke, that are provided from both local and foreign suppliers. "Our objective is to offer River Bank guests top quality products. Dishes are prepared with first rate ingredients.

The new menu will make the choice of dishes easier. We also put a stress on highlighting the original taste of the top quality ingredients, explained Björn Juhnke. Thus, the new menu includes the top quality and most famous steak in the world - Wagyu beef and chicken breasts with the best foie gras from France. The restaurant will pleasantly surprise you with its cosy atmosphere and simpler, less formal service.

The campaign, "The Best Origin", is to commence in the first week of March and includes five big boards and hundreds of city lights. It is to appear also in print media. It will close at the end of March. Apart from a cow, the visual advertising will use a chicken and trout, as well.