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Bratislava - a Little Big City

Small in size, large in experience. Explore a city that is rich in historical and cultural attractions, a city of famous celebrities, musicians, writers and inventors ... Stroll through the luxurious shopping malls and experience a city, where everything is within walking distance ... We also offer free transfers to the city center or to shopping centers with our Rolls Royce or BMW.

  • Sightseeing

    There is always a lot going on in Bratislava, whatever the season. Bratislava's character changes from summer to fall to winter, and each season has its own unique range of different things to do.

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  • Sports & activities

    If you are into sports, there is ample opportunity in the numerous recreation centers and swimming pools throughout the city.

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  • Small Carpathian Wine Routes

    Visit the small towns and villages around Bratislava among the hills of the Little Carpathians and taste the local wines, which were once delivered even to famous monarchs.

  • Shopping

    The shopping scene in Bratislava has improved out of all recognition over the last few years. Not only do many stores have long opening hours, with the big malls open at weekends as well as during holidays, but the range of products now on offer – from global brands to local specialties – does the city's size and status justice.

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